Why Parse Rocks

A while ago one of my friends discovered Parse and he hasn’t stopped talking about it since. And he’s kinda got a point…


Parse is a cloud platform that was engineered to take care of the more complicated aspects of app development regardless of the platform you choose to run your work on, be it iOS, Android, .Net, PHP and more.

Parse offers you solutions for database management, analytics or push messages that you can integrate into your project as easily as importing a new library.

The basic products that Parse offers are: Core (for database, social integration, recurring tasks and more), Push (helps you send notifications across platforms with ease) and Analytics (the ability to track data in your app at any given time).

What’s more Parse doesn’t just offer solutions for mobile platforms, you can also use it for desktop or web apps.

All you really have to do is go to their website, checkout their documentation and their tutorials and start coding. Also, keep an eye out for this blog if you want to see how my experience with Parse is going.

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