Thoughts on iOS 9

So…I live in a pretty tucked away spot on the map and that means that my iOS update just came in today.

The new version of iOS comes with a new version of Swift as well, dubbed Swift 2.0.

As I don’t have an iPhone 6S or iPhone Plus 6S, I can’t really say much about iOS 9, just that the new view for the Task Manager is a bit funky, not just because it’s different, but because it always puts your desktop as the first tab and it’s rather counter intuitive.


As far as the new Swift version is concerned, I have this to say: prepare. If you’ve just started with Swift and your projects are still small, the automatic convertor from 1.2 to 2.0 should serve you fine. If, however, your project already has dependencies on GitHub resources or is of medium complexity…prepare to have about 25670 mini-heart attacks the first time you compile your code in 2.0.

Don’t forget to have fun, guys ^^.

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