iOS 8.4 is here

So, I came home after work to this picture on my Twitter feed:


Naturally, my first instinct was…me waaants, so I went to the Software Update section of my phone and got cracking.

After all was downloaded, checked, installed and restarted I figured I’d check out this revolutionary music service for myself. The splash screen looks like this:


Naturally, I cracked up and promptly sent the screen-cap to my boss so he’d crack up to and let me have Friday off (it’s all in the Grand Plan).

Nonetheless, I was not deterred and I dared press on the FUSE.Welcome.NotNow.Button that my female intuition let me know was what I wanted.

Then I said I’d give the Radio option a try. Well, I clicked on a featured station and this happened:

iso8.4-3Now, having had some experience with a few previous phones, I figured plugging in my headphones would solve the issue  again, was pure intuition on my part, the UX did nothing to guide me towards this answer). Guess what…it didn’t work.

Now, I don’t know if this issue appears only on my device or whether I’m not supposed to access the Radio stations unless I accept the Free trial and then buy a subscription. And I’ve yet to research it throughly, but what this new update has brought me is a better understanding that Apple Inc. is, in the end, just another software company, vulnerable to the same issues as the much smaller software company where I am employed. And it’s kinda nice to know that even these guys can sometimes misfire.


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