Git For Dummies Part 2 (featuring Alpha)

Because I had so much fun with Part 1, I am now returning to you with Part 2 of the never ending saga of Github.

This time I’m going to create a new repository for the app I’ve just started development with a friend. And, as added difficulty, I’m going to do it while keeping my new kitty from nibbling on my laptop screen.

Step 1: (Stare deeply into my kitty’s eyes, trying to establish a connection and gently, but sternly move her away from my keyboard. Repeat until it yields results) Go to and locate the following element in your screen:


Click the New repository button, pick a name for your repository, enter a short, yet witty description (try to convince the kitty the locket I’ve owned ever since I could breath without motherly aid is, in fact, not a toy), pick type (private or public depending on your github subscription), (notice I have now said ‘auch’ so many times with my kitten around it can actually reproduce the sound when trying to communicate with me) and click Create repository.


Optionally, you can tick Initialize this repository with a README and add the files you wish Git to ignore in your future pushes and commits by adding the .gitignore file. (Also ignore Alpha as she is pretending to nibble on the laptop screen, but actually playing with my nerves, trying to see how long it will take before I scold her).

Step 2 (rub Alpha for good luck) Open your terminal (I actually can’t figure out any other way to do it) and navigate to the folder where your project is kept.

Type the following commands (after I’ve put the cat on time-out, I need to focus here):
git init
git add . (this will add the whole contents of your folder to your next commit)
git commit -m "first commit"
git remote add origin <your repository's link> (you should find the link on your repository's page)
git push -u origin master
fill in user name and password
Step 3 (Try to make amends with my cat for locking her out of the room) Celebrate.

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